I am an avid custom map maker for Halo Reach and even have my own team of forge members along with me in my clan. I like to keep track on how well my team and I maps are doing on the Bungie Halo fileshare tracker to see how many “likes”, recommendations, feed back of what players think of the maps, and how many downloads each map or custom gametype that has been released and uploaded has or had since its original uploaded release. But with the Bungie halo website taken down I can no longer do that now…

So, my question to everyone including 343i is “How can I still keep track of these things and will their be or is their a way to still keep track of these things now?”

who knows man what kind of maps do you make man

Well when I make a map I make sure its designed to play everysingle gametype possibe from 2v2, 4v4, squad, btb, oddball, ctf, assault, invasion, infection, race, etc. Most forge maps that I make are really high praised. If someone gets stuck on making a map they always come to me to help figure out a way of doing something (my xbox live friends/clan call it “Soccer Proofing!”) lol. I like to keep track on how well each map and custom gametypes success is in the custom and fileshare community so that way I know which ones I should keep or simply scrap. My forge team and I make sure the maps we create are for everybody to enjoy.

But check them out in my fileshare if you want :slight_smile:

But does anyone know if they are going to continue or create a special forum for us “Forgers?” As Bungie did…

Hi! Search my gamertag on the Xbox - Halo Reach, I made more Custom maps!


thanks and I will but that doesnt answer the question lol I need an answer from 343… We as a community deserve one since they deprived it from us.