Custom Maps in Flood

Any one remember maps on living dead in Halo 3, like Spooky House and Haunted Manor.
With three nice forge maps and a great community at your disposal, why not let some of the community make some custom maps in forge.

IMO, it makes the game a lot more fun and exiting.

Any one else like to see this done?

I already built one on Impact. I think that the file share part of H4 is broken, since I haven’t sen anyone else’s maps uploaded yet (or no one made any). I think its pretty nice, and it has a sequence of events (airlock opens and grav lift “suck” you out, portal opens, scenery changes color), but I forgot how to set infection spawning. It’s titled “Moon” in the file share, so if anyone wants to perfect it, or just download it to check it out, that’d be nice. Anyways, I hope 343i does eventually add custom maps into their online aspects of Halo 4.

Your map sounds awesome

343i made it much easier to build with, and I thank them for that, but they need to fix custom games and file share, which im sure they will. it appears that they put tons of effort into Halo 4, but not enough time, and time is what it needs. If we give it time, it will be fine.