Custom Lobby Search

We really need a custom lobby search engine. We have way to many great forge maps that will never be seen in matchmaking. Would it really be to much to give us players the power to keep halo alive and running? The game would then be in a state of constant freshness with new maps and game types all the time. The host could throw up his flag giving game types and lobby sizes for people to chose from. Maybe in the next halo we can post one minute videos that show are maps off as you scroll through the list of lobbies that are open.

That’s a cool idea.

HaloTracker has a “Custom Lobby” search. Or something similar.

Hopefully with Halo 5’s dedicated servers matchmaking will be done away with altogether and the game will just have a rank-focused server browser instead.

Would solve any settings/map/JIP/etc argument people have ever had.

Of course having a custom lobby search function would be similar and would also be welcomed.

That should have been added in Reach or 3.

It would be really cool.