Custom Loadouts, Perks, and AA remove them?

Simple question, with complex answers. Should custom loadouts, perks, and armor abilities, be kept, removed, or remain only in social/casual playlists?

All three of these need their own discussion because threads like these get hectic fast.

But anyways…

Load outs? Yes, a social and competitive version would be ideal for me personally.

Armor mods? Indifferent.

And AAs? Sure but make Camo a power up again. Please?

I’m going to start a seperate thread for each one with a poll.

Could a moderator please remove this thread for me?


When it comes to loadouts I’d like players to be offered only a selection of directly equivalent weapons in each slot. By which I mean:

Primary - BR, Carbine, DMR, LR

Secondary - Magnum, AR, Plasma Rifle, Sentinel Beam (Magnum should get a light buff to 5 shot kill, but a notable nerf to it’s accuracy when spammed, and play similarly to the Reach Beta Magnum, which could beat an AR on a perfect 5 shot kill, and win against precision weapons close range with good consistency and skill, Plasma Rifle buffed to former CE glory, balanced to fit into the sandbox, fires accurately with stun and bonus damage on headshots)

Grenade - 1x Frag, 1x Stick, 1x Pulse (Plasma re-worked so it only sticks after being thrown a certain distance, to prevent nooby ‘cqc sticks’, 1x each helps prevent Plasmas from overpowering vehicles, and frags from being unnecessarily spammable)

Perks should just disappear completely.

Armour Abilities can stick around, but can only be applied to actual loadouts in Custom Games, otherwise they should be placed around maps, some should receive decent buffs to make them worth going out of your way to get, and some of them should be converted into Powerups, such as Active Camouflage or Promethean Vision, that only lasts about 30 seconds. When you spawn with no AAs, snatching an AA on the map is a purely beneficial move, and helps promote map control. When you die you should drop your AA just like your weapons and grenades.

Loadouts yes: put only the option to change primary and AA, even then limit what you can start with.

primary, br,dmr,lr,carbine, storm or plasma rifle,suppressor, AA’s: hls, thruster pack, regeneration/bubble shield, auto sentry.

Perks: they have no place in halo so get rid of them.

AA: can be better balance with AC as a power up.

This should be only in the casual side.