Custom HUD & weapon lowering for Infinite campaign

It may be a minor request but I’d like to have the option to lower my weapon rather than always keeping it shouldered regardless of whether I’m in/out of combat while playing Infinite’s campaign.

I understand that some players would appreciate having their weapon ready at any time but I’m getting wearisome of a portion of my screen being dedicated to showing a weapon that may I not need to use for sometime. I’d rather be able to choose to display more of the level environment instead.

I appreciated this feature in H5 during the levels it was available & would love to have it become accessible outside of specific missions because I think that it allows for a more relaxed & exploratory atmosphere and also would cleary represent engaging/disengaging from combat.

As Halo Infinite is rumored to use an open-world approach to Campaign, I feel that this option would be particularly appropriate.

Customizable HUD is also a feature I’d appreciate being made available. The Blind skull is able to do this but my issue with it is that it takes too much away.
My ideal set up would be no mini-map, no non-ADS reticle, no HUD ammo count (excluding grenades) and just have an objective marker for navigation.

id love to have a Custom HUD, wanted one ever since halo 3, it would add another layer to the immersion.

as for weapon lowering. I hope it returns and functions like it does in halo 5, where its really easy to do. there’s no clunky button combo, just hold down on D-pad and X. I also liked how you could bring up your weapon when you scoped in, and it would go back down when un-scoping. I’d just suggest the weapon lowering/raising animation be slowed down a bit so it looks more natural, instead of the instantaneous mechanicalness that it is in 5.