Custom Halo Themed T Shirts - Thoughts?

I made some custom T shirt designs inspired by Sergeant Johnson and ODSTs. Check them out, let me know what you think! Thanks!

Photobucket link

Those are cool!
If I was interested in the ODST, I’d def want one.
Personally, I would have had the “Feet first into hell” printed on the back of the black shirt.

I made a Skyrim shirt once, then I took an arrow… haha.
Its army green and says “When in doubt DRAGONSHOUT” and has the Dragonborn’s face on the front. Really love it, and almost everyone at work(the younglings) loves it.

Thanks! Yeah, the back of the shirts are pretty barren. I prefer the clean look though. I really wish there were more cool Halo/videogame related shirts out there.