Custom Games Still Doesn't Work

343 said they fixed it, but guess what? It still has problems. My settings still reset. I clearly set the bot difficulty to Spartan, but when playing they were set to recruit. The problem where bots don’t show up even though I set the number of bots is still present. I’m really disappointed.


ah nooooOOOOO i was hoping they would have fixed everything for custom games with thisnupdate! or at least, most of it, when i play stockpile with bots they changed compared to long ago but when they grab a seed they rather play dice roll with it instead of bringing it to base

Oh yeah that’s another issue. The bots have been downgraded.

ive read it in another post too, i think they mutate like wretches from gears of war when they get imulsion🙁 we might see them when they get flags jumping in man cannons and fly off the map😂 or use the grapple hook at the ground every 5 seconde

They also removed the ability to play custom games offline, and you need an Internet connection to use Forge. SMDH…

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