Custom games options lacking

So, I’m super happy to have spitscreen back, and I’ve been doing splitscreen almost nonstop since the beta dropped. However, there are a few options missing in the custom game mode editor that are missing that I really would love to see.


I was trying to make a 4-player custom game where the two better skilled players (my brother and I,) could be on their own individual teams by themselves, and I could put the two newer inexperienced players on a team together. That way, the two new players could work together to figure out the mechanics while my brother and I could duke it out, trying to avoid getting picked off by the new players during our battles. There’s no option for it, though, and now my only choice is to do a free for all, readjust the teams so now the new players have to feel like they need to pull there own weight or pull their teammate down, or throw us all into an online match where they have to compete with 4 enemy players instead of two. It isn’t a big deal necessarily, but it’s annoying to see a basic feature that’s been in every previous installment not be present here. And, yes, I understand that they’re trying to do the whole custom armor color thing and work with player outlines, but that isn’t a valid excuse to get rid of the option entirely, especially when I’m just doing customs with my family.


I would like to see an option to give equipment to players on start. Firstly, unlimited grapples, repulsor, or thrusters would just be really fun to me, especially if you could edit traits like grapple or boost range. Secondly, a custom game like that would give a fun and safe space to get comfortable to the new equipment, as I know the people I play with struggle with the equipment, so they don’t grab it so they can leave it for their teammates who would do better with it. The lack of an option like that makes it all the more challenging to get accustomed to things like the grapple and repulsor when you’re new, and it bugs me that there’s no safe space to practice it, and no way to eliminate the cost of failure. (Fiesta’s been a nice way to mess around with equipment, but it’s annoying that an online playlist can give random equipment to players on start, but you can’t mess with it in customs.)

I’m loving the game so far, and I honestly couldn’t be more elated to have split screen and customs back. My emotions have just been mixed after seeing how many options, some of which have been present since the first Halo, are just not even present here.

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Great points! I’d love to see these too. I’ve been messing around with bots in Custom Games for a while, and I’ve come across limitations there as well:

  • Bots cannot enter vehicles at all (let alone drive)
  • No more than 8 bots can be present on the map at once
  • Some parts of the maps are completely devoid of bot activity

A lot of these are completely understandable technological limitations, so I’m not expecting immediate change here. But those are my two cents.