Custom Games Options deserve a TU

Custom Games simply needs more options. A TU would be ideal for this.

343 please add in the ability to tweak Individual Weapon Settings and Individual Vehicle Settings.
Why are we unable to tweak actual health in Reach? We can change damage resistence but not actual health. This needs to change.

We also have lost game variants such as VIP and Alpha Zombie. I already know they are being added back in, but that is my point 343, why not add new Custom Games Options while we are at it?
Please 343, updating Custom Games can only help Reach in the future. New custom variants not possible before will be able to be created, the Classic Playlist will become near perfecct and the longevity of Reach will become far greater.

Does anyone else have Custom Game requests for Reach? Please post them here!

This is more like it, iKombo :wink:

I agree, adding options for Custom Games only helps a game’s staying power.

Still, the more options are added, the more playtesting and bugfixing is required. There’s a practical limit and unfortunately us end users don’t always see why certain features and options take so long to be implemented (if at all).

It’s nice to see new gametypes and balancing fixes, this latest playlist update is AMAZING, but I agree that VIP and Alpha Zombies are still sorely missed.