Custom Games need a Rethink

Custom Games really need to be rethought going into S3, especially as additional gametypes are added.
The current categorisation system is bafflingly inefficient, take Fiesta as an example.

Option 1:

  • Add a ‘Random’ toggle to Primary and Secondary weapon options.

Option 2:

  • Have the ‘Random’ toggle built into the Fiesta category and individually create gametypes based on it.

Infinite went with the latter, meaning that to get a comparible level of customisation depth Option 1 would offer, 343 would need to create the following distinct variants (based solely on the current gametype selection):

  • Fiesta : Slayer
  • Fiesta : Oddball
  • Fiesta : Capture the Flag
  • Fiesta : One Flag
  • Fiesta : Neutral Flag
  • Fiesta : King of the Hill
  • Fiesta : Strongholds
  • Fiesta : Attrition
  • Fiesta : Land Grab
  • Fiesta : FFA Slayer
  • Fiesta : FFA Oddball
  • Fiesta : FFA King of the Hill
  • Fiesta : Last Spartan Standing
  • Fiesta : BTB Slayer
  • Fiesta : BTB Capture the Flag
  • Fiesta : BTB Total Control
  • Fiesta : BTB Stockpile

Then factor in additional gametypes added later. What about Super Fiesta with Campaign variants, that’s double the already ludicrous list. Or we could just go with Option 1.

I know some would argue ‘I wouldn’t play most of these anyway’, but that’s not really the point. This is a predominant issue with Customs in general, the lack of vehicle and equipment options, gametypes built with map sizes in mind instead of being flexible, and the lack of multi-team options as well.
I really hope a more modular approach is taken going forward, because what we have now is both restrictive to the players, and inefficient for the developers.