Custom Games Mobile App *Ideas and Feedback*

Hey, all! I am planning out a free mobile app that will be used to find people that are either hosting or wanting to play custom games in Halo 4, Reach, and 3. As a player of all 3 games, I have my own ideas, but would like to hear from the community on what you would like to see or get out of an app like this. My idea behind this app is to increase playership within the custom maps area. I have always found it to be a bummer that there are no custom maps playlists in any Halo game.

Major features will include:

  • Hosting: This will allow players wanting to host to accept incoming requests for players wanting to join a hosted custom game. Your queue will auto-fill as you accept requests, which will show in the app how many players are currently joined into your game. This feature is manually managed by the host.

  • Joining: Players will be able to see a list of game hosts and send a request to join the hosts game. If the host accepts, the player will be joined into their queue and then wait on the host to send them an invite through XBLive.

  • Searching: Players will be able to search through hosted games to see game types, map names, and other stats.

  • Custom Maps: Players will be able to upload information about their custom maps that they want the community to play on. Screenshots, reviews, ratings, and download details will be given for each map.

Please let me know your ideas! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
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