Custom Games: Missing Features/Options From Previous Titles That We Miss

Halo was always the best for custom games. As a matter of fact, Halo is what makes me wish other games had the same features. It has always held true in Halo that the best way to play is YOUR way! With that in mind, here are Custom Games game mode options that are missing from Infinite that have existed in previous titles (and some original ideas) that my friends and I wish would come back:

-Custom number of lives
-Random/No starting primary/secondary weapon
-Random Grenade type
-Regenerating Grenades
-Select what weapons/vehicles spawn on the map
-Custom motion tracker range
-Instant Kill damage (1000% is really high, but to play “paintball”, you need to ensure any hit is lethal)
-Headshots always kill


Good list, I’d like to see those too.

If I may, I’d like to add that being able to select starting equipment is something I really want in custom games.


Oh, yes. That’s a good one

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I was messing with Customs the other Day, and one option that would be a Game Changer is spawning with equipment with infinite equipment ammo. Imagine playing duck hunt where all the ducks have grapple shots.

i believe new custom things will be coming with forge release
also more will come when more modes come out (i hope) such as if SWAT comes out headshots always kill will be a setting