Custom games mine urs & others .all for FUN!

As the halo 5 severs are now a screw up and my peak time to play is 6-10pm ( which is the time i spend with family #life )
I now looking other ways to play when i want and not when forced to by thats custom looking for people who do want to play custom games off all hour & random days.i have started hosting on so keep an eye on it.i will be looking to play my games & yours & other cool games out there.all for fun.its more fun the more people we have.i will be downloading games that apeal to various amount off players so i will try and work out which maps will suit the best size off the lobby going.slayer cty and strongholds and other game types will be played.i like to host uk time on a saturday nite just before i start drinking to much.that why this is all for fun guys and gals.if im on during the week please do not be afraid to send me an invite or even join in.i do not mind.if im in forge.i may join in if you add not come in to my forge!!.times if on late in uk time i may not be able to talk as house mate in bed really!! looking to make some halo 5 nice light minding people for halo fun.please no racist chat.curse all you want & chat loads if you want.i have friends i have added to get there maps and people who added me to get mine.but it NOT! the same as they dont except invites.had actually few good halo4 mates but there not xbox one if you are looking for a light minded buddy for halo 5 fun.add me with a msg #halo fun times.
&please support my as most saturdays ill be hosting as im hoping to build up a good fun amount off people who can share their maps & what maps they have seen and want to try out& test too.eventually everyone in my groups will add eachother and not depend on me been on.this is a freindly post to help a average player & if you a super player you will win me the more players will balance the more people who want this what i have written msg me on xbox and comment below for others to add you who want the same.if im on xbox net browser it means im watching a film.but send a invite and if im not looking to stop film as watch with friends i will msg you back through xbox smart glass app.happy gaming and mind for bigger halo lobbies keep an eye on i may host 2-3 hours but will go on longer iff yous want to.i just ask when the person in conrol wants to leave be sure to change the control over as im umsure iff this will loss everyone? Thanks and hope to play soon.because off my rotaten work, during the week im on random days and hours.mic is better but not really needed.5 min break every hour for toilet etc lol.a msg to xbox will be read faster than this post.tnx all