Custom Games Matchmaking Real?

Halo is an amazing franchise, and often famously known for its custom games and forge features.

However, why hasn’t a game developer made it so that you can post your map in a community section and anyone can just join?

For instance:

Team Slayer
Big Team Slayer
Team Snipers
Team doubles

Then you choose community and it shows up with a bunch of peoples maps WITH the amount of players currently in the game, like this:

Ducks 7/7
Monster Trucks 4/4
The Pit 5/6
Fat Kid 12/12
Jail 1/8


You mean, like, what PC already does?

I dunno. I’m not savvy with the differences between PC and consoles, but I would assume that it’s the architecture of the online provider (XBL) that prevents us from picking specific games like that. Everyone loves that feature; if consoles had the ability to add it, I would hope someone did.

Hopefully we’ll see a custom game finder in Halo 5. That’s why I don’t really care that custom games are lack luster in Halo 4. There isn’t a good way to match up with people and enjoy them.

Very cool idea, but it wouldn’t work very well with Halo 4’s peer-hosted games, since host would constantly be migrating from one player to another as players come and go.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea for Halo Xbox One (dedicated servers), but they’d need to find a way to cut down on the amount of players’ maps. It’d be saturated with everyone’s ideas for zombies and racetracks pretty quickly.

That would be kind of cool to purchase your own custom game dedicated server for cheap. I never did this in BF3 because I don’t really care for my own servers in that game when there’s literally thousands already that are basically the same thing.
I would buy one in halo 5 because I actually host quote a few custom game very often.

Unless they make some serious UI overhauls to how they display user-created content in-game, there’d be no way to know the quality of a lobby before you join it. The community produces a lot of amazing things, but it also produces a lot of lackluster works. Finding something playable would be like finding a good needle in a haystack, inside of a parallel dimension in which strands of hay look exactly like needles.

Team Fortress 2 on the Orange Box works like this.

Also, this would fix the issues of DLC never showing up.

343 should take a look at Far Cry 3 for some of it’s Custom Game stuff. It has a superior map editior, and the ability to search for custom games.