Custom Games Maps Available In My File Share

I make maps so people can play them in custom games and enjoy them hopefully. Inviting recent players wasn’t very successful. So I am posting this now.

List of Maps

  • Abandoned Cave on Awash- War-zone Island on Awash- Station on Nebula- Canyon on Skyward- Sky Cliff on Skyward- Forest Creek on Skyward- Planet Doom on Nebula (This was created primarily for Infection )(NOTE: on the maps made on Awash you can walk on water. If you have any tips on making it so you cant do that please comment, thank you)

You will find these maps in my file share and I will be updating the list above so keep checking back for new maps or just check my file share.

My Gamer-tag: ITz A DaNmAn lx

nice I will be checking these maps out

My friends and I enjoyed playing your maps overall. There were some spawn points on Canyon that got us stuck in geometry:

You can set a kill zone at a height very close to the water so people will die when they touch it.

Yeah, I recently found out how to place Soft Kill Boundaries. I will update the maps soon.