Custom Games Lobby..!

Lobby is closed at the min, had about 50 different people in there over the course of 2 and a bit hours, thanks to all who joined. If you have a mic and want to join in in the future feel free to add me. (possibly doing another lobby in a few hours)

What are you playing?

Variety of mini games

I wish I wasn’t “studying” for finals right now, otherwise I would so join… I do enjoy seeing threads like these as I love custom game lobbies.

Go on take a break from the “studying” you know you want to… =p

10 peoples in at the min.

Can I test my map?

I just sent you a message

Dropped down to about 5 players, so if an one want to help top up the numbers by join then inviting there recent players that be great.

also we are all in game chat

Lobby is back open for a while!

Lobby is closed, see op for info.