Custom Games, It Keeps The Game Alive

What was one reason that Halo 3 had, that caused so many people to play it? Well, there’s many, but Custom Games was a huge factor. At any given time I could find at least two friends in a full lobby of 16. Now I struggle to find anyone in Custom Games. I think it’s the ranking system. People now just play matchmaking and get ranked up, there’s no frustration in that is there? Frustration leads people to want to take a break, and when they take a break, what do they do? They gather friends and play customs! This leads to the awesome late night Custom Games of Halo 3, and we need that in Halo 4! So a skill based ranking system doesn’t just help matchmaking, it helps Custom Games as well.

Completly agree. Custom game browser would be sweet! Reason why I played so much Halo 2.

I’d play Halo 4 non-stop if there is a Custom Game browser!

Customs were dead in Reach, and it was because you got no credits from it. Reach was all about grinding for credits.

If the credits system returns, things like Forge,Campaign, Firefight, and Customs need to gain as many credits as an online match. This will encourage more customs and forging for customs, as well as making playing anything other than MM not feel like a waste of time anymore.

It’s pretty much a given that Halo 4 will have Custom Games at least on par with Reach and Halo 3.

I completely agree, custom game browser for the win!