Custom Games Idea

Halo has always been a sandbox game. Custom Games and Forge expanded on that greatly and made Halo a truly custom game. In my opinion, Reach had the best Forge and Custom options in the series. Remember all the gametypes, old and new? The millions of maps created in Forge World alone? What about machinima?
Halo 4 was a disappointment in that area. But Halo 2 Anniversary’s Forge and Custom Games? Phenomenal.
In Halo 5, imagine that the game became even more customizable. What if we could tweak many aspects of gameplay and the base maps?
Here’s the list of proposed features:

  • Ability to customize time of day. Including the ability to allow a dynamic day/night cycle.
  • Ability to customize weather. Including the ability to allow a dynamic weather cycle.
  • Ability to adjust water levels on a map.
  • Ability to delete and move objects on the base map. Including the ability to delete all base objects on the map (think of H2:A’s Forge maps that only had the skybox).
  • Ability to mute background audio (birds chirping, wind, etc.)
  • Ability to lock to a certain height.
  • Preset zoom (2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, etc.)
  • Manual zoom (0.1x- 99.9x)
  • Ability to move camera outside kill boundaries (like in the Halo 4 theater camera trick)
  • Ability to share clips to Upload Studio
    Custom Games:
  • Ability to turn on/off certain or all Spartan Abilities (sprint, Ground Pound, etc.)
  • Ability to mute background sound, regular sound (shooting, walking, etc.), or all sound.
  • Ability to set loadouts on/off (like in Reach).
  • Ability to have no weapons. Includes the ability to make the player unable to pick up weapons.
  • Ability to lower weapons. Including the ability to lower weapons while having no weapons.
  • Ability to have a player play as the Monitor.
  • Ability to turn off Battle Chatter.
  • Ability to set Spartans’ armor, primary and secondary colors, and emblem (Machinima makers could then have AFK players do their part without them having to play.
  • Ability to flip the gravity on a map or for just a trait zone.
  • Ability to change the primary and secondary colors on weapons and objects.
  • Ability to put preset items on the map (ships, buildings, etc.)
  • Ability to place dead bodies (Spartans, Humans, Flood, and Elites)
  • Ability to save items that are in a certain spot so that editors can copy them and even share them to a File Share (tired of watching tutorials on how to make a drop pod? Just download the premade item and then place it on the map and even copy them).
  • Ability to create signs (signs that can be edited).
  • Ability to create data pads (these can be written in, too).
  • Ability to place enemy and friendly AI on a map.
  • Ability to turn on/off dynamic lighting.
  • Most objects will have built in lights that can be turned on/off by the editor. They can also be edited where they can be turned on in a custom game or turned on after a certain amount of time in the game.
  • Destructable objects (wooden pallets, flimsy doors, etc.)
  • Ability to place doors, hatches, or shields that can be activated.

That’s about all I have to say about that. Let me know what you guys think. Half of these may be impossible to be in Halo 5, but, in a future game, we may see them. :slight_smile: