Custom Games Hosted By Me (LETS GET SOME GAMES ON)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Custom Games Server

It is pretty damn hard to find a game even after all these updates which 343 have released. I am not that bothered about ranking up on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, I just want to play, even play on maps people have created on forge, and some of them can be very fun and unique. I have already tried inviting a handful of recent players to my game, but that didn’t work. If you have forge maps you want to show everyone is a session I will promote you to leader, if they add that ability because it inst in the game for some reason. I have already made some forge maps myself, the list is below. War-zone is my favorite because I really I filled the 650 object max to make mountains, lots of terrain and buildings to make the map good for big teams. I will display my gamer-tag at the bottom add me or message me if you are interested.

  • Station on Nebula- - Canyon on Skyward- - War-zone Island on Awash
    My Gamer-tag: ITz A DaNmAn lx

sounds good to me I’m in my gamertag is gamefreakvt

I feel the same way. I just want to play a fun game with people so add me. RivenXX