custom games. has anyone else noticed this

my buddies and i were playing custom games a couple nights ago, and one guy kept coming in and out of the games to tweak some forge maps, or the maps we were playing and one time he was leaving he mentioned he got a warning that quitting too many games could result in a temp ban…idk if anyone else has experiecned this or seen this but if thats the case, being possibly banned for leaving a non ranked game with you friends in a private lobby that is where i would have to say the Ban Hammer fails

dont worry about it. Worst case, he gets banned from Arena for an hour. Most likely, nothing will happen.

Yeah when you leave customs it counts towards you quitting games, this actually happened to me
I wan ban for quitting arena matches for 25min, went into a custom game by myself to see where something spawned on a map
I left the game instead of ending the game and proceeded to have by ban increased to 3 hours because of it