custom games halo 4

Halo 4 needs to do what Halo reach didn’t. The forge in halo reach was confusing, mostly the spawning like matching the spawns to the correct game type. I feel if its easy to make custom games in halo 4 it would do amazing. Custom games is the reason i played halo 3.
Please comment!

I have to disagree. Forge in Halo Reach was a lot easier than Halo 3, and I think you are the first person I’ve ever seen say it was complicated in anyway (unless someone was making an invasion map, but lets not get into that).

Most custom games in Halo 3 were either Grifball or Infection. Halo Reach has dedicated playlists for both of these, in addition to Action Sack, something that didn’t appear in Halo 3 until almost it’s last year.

Another factor is the number of people who play Reach. With so many other games on the market, more and more taking cues from Halo’s customization options, people have a lot more to choose from than just Halo.

So, honestly, I wouldn’t mind a streamlined Forge, but I hope we only see more stuff in Halo 4, never a reduction.

I don’t want to dumb down Forge for casual forgers. Some of the more advanced things in Forge can be a bit intimidating to a new map maker, but map quality would suffer if they dulled the Forge back from Reach. I’d rather have more options, myself.

Id have to agree with Freak. They really did a wonderful job with forge in reach. It was only an improvement from halo 3s forge system and wasnt complicated at all.

forging in Reach was easy and MUCH better than halo 3. It was fairly straightforward except for the specific game mode settings which one can look up online. I love Reach’s Forge mode to death, and if anything I want more options, not a simpler, inferior mechanic.

The Halo Reach forge is alot better than Halo 3. Its just the spawn points were to complicated I would keep having to load up forge over again to see if it matched up witht he game type. I just think they just need to make it easier or at least explain it like a tutorial or something like that. Halo 3 infection was amazing though. When I played reach I was disappointed because there werent that many fun infection game types like fat kid, ghost busters, jenga, ect…
I used to play halo 3 with my friend for so many countless hours but i barely even play halo reach.