Custom games freezing during and after match

The freezing has been around since the monitors bounty update and has only gotten worse. Freezes are more frequent, last MUCH longer and even happen after a game ends. All of this has been happening with no word from 343i. Same goes for the laundry list of Forge bugs (not PC). After a match ends it’s significantly faster to just quit out and sit through the unskippable 343 intro and daily pop up. I just quit out before the game ends to same myself 5 minutes of waiting on a frozen screen. It happens EVERY time someone leaves or the game ends. It’s not rare or sometimes it’s every time. How is this glitch still occurring? It’s hard enough to get a big enough lobby to use modes that require lots of people let alone have 15 others sit through 5+ minutes of a frozen screen.

Can we finally get this resolved please.

343 is aware of this and are planning another fix. The last update was supposed to fix it completely, but it didn’t entirely work (it barely worked). No E.T.A. on the fix, though. We just have to wait.

Feel free to use the existing topics in support