Custom Games/Forge: SKIRMISH


Skirmish is a custom game that I have been attempting for a long time. I have a feeling that Halo 5 will be the most successful iteration.
Essentially, it’s a mode that tries to fill the void of SPARTAN OPS and FIREFIGHT. A fireteam of 4 must complete a series of objectives to win. It is supposed to be a simulation of more complex scenarios. The enemy team will be under-equipped in various ways, mostly with a lack of motion detectors or energy shielding. If the custom game settings from Halo 2 Anniversarie’s Infection carry over to Halo 5, this will be very helpful in mixing things up a little and reducing the budget requirements in forge.

I plan to have ongoing seasons. Each season will have at least 5 maps to play through with different themes in mind.

I will try to keep this thread active so long as I am working on the project. Below will be a list of gamertags for people interested in playing/contributing.

I have map that I’m trying to test, I can test yours if you test out mine

I love customs games so if you need any testers I’m on board.