Custom Games/Forge AI's

Can we please be able to Spawn playable Covy, Prometheans and possibly Flood AI’s on maps? It would be a cool edition to have in the building a map aspect. This could also be a great idea for people who want to submit a firefight map that’s if firefight returns…

unless you’re fine with editing the Navigation code for the AI, as well as designating cover items, no move zones, patrol zones, and everything else that requires a lot of time to set up, we can’t have custom AIs in forge very easily.

The way Halo 4’s AI move around campaign and firefight maps looks like they are heavily scripted to walk certain paths, and that they are not the pathfinding type, they walk a pre-determined path, and cannot move around the map without this code.

and also given special powers of Prometheans, crawling on walls and teleporting, that’s not something a pathfinding AI can do very well

Maybe 343i could create a NavMesh editor, or something similar, but even if they do, holy crap are those tedious to work with, especially with Xbox controls, so i don’t know if it would be worth 343i’s time to make work well on an Xbox.