Custom Games Findings

Custom Games Findings

One thing I have noticed right away is the player limit has been increased from 16 players to 28, I can’t wait to see what people create with this insane player limit. Also, I did not find infection in the game modes which is very disappointing. You can play against bots in custom games and set their difficulty, so forgers will be able to test their maps. However, it seems to only be 8 bots per team, still, it is a nice edition. Machinima controls return to custom games so clans and Machinima makers can lower their weapons.

I’m going to assume that once forge drops we will get more game modes like infection added to the game.

Edit: You can only have a total of 7 bots thanks to those of you who pointed that out, you can put 8 bots on each team but only 7 will spawn.

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Unfortunately, Machinima Controls are seemingly undefined and being stuck here on Day 1 without documentation and the focus being entirely on MP; I can’t seem to figure it out.

Edit: I have since figured it out.
Controls are exclusively relegated to gamepad once more, they’re entirely undocumented and can not be altered. I can only hope this gets any semblance of attention so that Machinima Controls receive their own input binding settings.

  • X / Left face button + D-Pad Right toggles map Co-ordinates.

  • X / Left face button + D-Pad Up toggles Free Cam
    (Requires both to be held down for a second or two)
    The speed of which can only be adjusted by pressing/holding D-Pad Down (slower) and D-Pad Up (faster).

  • X / Left face button + D-Pad Down toggles Weapon Lowering / Alert Carry.
    (Requires both to be held down for a second or two)
    This has not been implemented yet but the audio cue has been left in.

Looks like can only do 8 bots in total. I tried putting 7 on my team and 8 on the other. Game only loaded the 7 on my team and 1 on the other. Now this could be a bug. If anyone gets more than 8 bots in a game I would to know.

Seems I cannot spawn 8 enemy bots. Only 7 spawns for my team.