Hey fellow Halo Players!! I just wanted to put this out here because I’ve been looking for stuff like this since MCC released. My friend and I host custom games every single night anywhere from 4 to 11 PM (EST) Everyone is allowed to join! Mics preferred but not really needed. If you guys want to join, send me a message GT: SemperFi195

Hey SemperFi, if you have a Facebook account, you should check out the community I own, called Halo 3 Lives On! With over 1,300 members, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few gamers to play customs with, myself included. Here is the url for quick access:

Best of luck,

I may hit you up. I’m trying to get some customs going in a couple days, so I’ll invite you if you’re on, or try to join you :slight_smile:

We’re playing right now lol

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> We’re playing right now lol

Yeah, I’m watching the Wizards game right now lol. I was actually going to host a custom lobby tonight, but I decided to reschedule it. I may try to do it Thursday night

Add for H2C/H2A customs: Rrancorz