Custom Games Could Do With More Options

I couldn’t help but notice that the custom game options in this game are somewhat lacking. This is really my only gripe with the game. Overall 343 have done an amazing job. But it’s sad to see custom games is so limited* in this game. To name a few things that I noticed:

-Sprint cannot be disabled

-Flood cannot spawn with or pick up weapons (Puts a serious limitation on game modes like duck hunt. I’m thinking this was due to the fact that they would have to render the flood holding a gun just for one mode, but if that’s the reason, they shouldn’t have implemented flood in infection at all, because that’s just putting style over substance).

-One flag CTF has been removed entirely. (Not sure why this was the case. It seems fairly easy to implement given that normal CTF is in the game, and it is one of my all time favourite modes).

-Assault has been removed entirely. (Again, not sure why, given that griffball is in the game)

Hopefully we can see more custom game options in the next few updates…

*Yes I meant to type limited