Custom Games BR...

Hopefully in Halo 4 custom games we can modify weapon damage and actually MAKE the Battle Rifle a four-shot kill. We could make it only BattleRifles on the map so that the other weapons aren’t changed. I think there’s potential here. What do you guys think… is the plausible?


I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

And its not plausible, possible*

woops… is THIS* plausible.

BR 4sk thing is getting really, REALLY old. You will play with the 5sk BR, you will like it, you will be able to kill ppl using a DMR regardless of all this TTK info going around, i garuntee it.

But just to give you some hope I would wager, seeing as how you have always been able to mess with weapon DMG and or shield in custom games, that a combination is possible to achieve a BR 4sk. Although the whole sandbox would be scaled along with it.