Custom Games aren't working.

My custom games doesn’t work. I can select a map just fine but I can’t select game types ever. After I’ve clicked the game type I want to play, the space for it is still empty. Anyone got a fix?

If it’s a custom saved gametype you have to first select the ACTUAL gametype. For example, if it’s a CTF variant, you have to select CTF before you can select the custom mode. It’s weird (probably a bug) but that’s the solution for now.

yeah it was given us trouble last night too

Been a problem for a while now. Sometimes the settings from another gametype can overwrite the one your trying load so be careful, make back ups. Ive had to rebuild mine many times. thought it was related to the server problem, but not sure.

happening to me too,

go to the gametype creator’s ‘files’ instead of ‘gametypes’ and press ‘y’ to bring up file options for gametypes. ‘save as’ under the same name, and you are set for your gametype to load every time.