Custom Games anyone??

I remember back in halo 2/3 there was always a group of people trying to play some fun custom games together but with the file share not enabled in halo 4 yet it’s impossible to do so -.- so i was hoping maybe we can get some people to play full customs games again! Post your gamertags and everyone can start inviting each other. :smiley:

If you have some good ones example rent a car demo are a few ill play my gt is same as my user name.

I wanna test some of these im not taking credit of any of these maps or game types but ive seen the stuff they make and games they play and it looks like fun! id like to try them out

and my gt is also my username


Hello! I’ve got a couple fun custom games that I’ve forged up! Would love to share! My GT is Smackdaddy955!

need more people :stuck_out_tongue:

More people need to join this.

Are you guys still playing? I always wanted to play the Slenderman gametype!

GT: The Keeboy
(with the space in-between)

yup we are ! sent you an invite

Invite me! I want to play some customs! Btw are 343 going to add the filter for file sharing game types?

Add me Weston THUG,ye online now?

yeah still playing :smiley:

I wanna play
send an invite to mexual solester

I’d join, but my disc tray is currently broken. Until then, :slight_smile:

bummer :confused: have like a game of 11 people lol

are you guys playing anymore?

Could we play tomorrow? And could you send me a friend request so I don’t forget? Please? I don’t have much time today but I’m free tomorrow. I also really wanted to do a second test with my Castle Wars map and play that Dominion gametype I made where you need 1,000 points to win.

sure thing dude we had like 13 people today was really fun xD hopefully we can do this again soon!

I’m always up for some customs !

I miss the good old days of Halo 3 and the epic full party custom games people got going. :frowning:

me and my buddy should both hit SR130 today so we’ll be looking to play a bunch more customs with people. i went ahead and took the liberty to already adding everyone in this thread.

would love to play slender and other customs with people. Add me and my brother. One of us will be playing Halo so we’re usually online. Send us an invite or friend request when you need people.

GT: Erza Heartfelia
GT: LudicrousTrash