Custom Games and Campaign Question

So I just played a custom game is the ammo for the shotgun be just as prophetic as it is in custom games tou only have 14 rounds I mean for god sake that is lees than what we had in Halo 5 I think the ammo needs to be bumped up a little as far as campaign is concerned I think Halo 3 level ammunition for most of the weapons would be fair

I’ve never had the bulldog’s ammunition foretell the future aside from ‘that brute’s going to die’ which I already knew.


I miss when multiple player didn’t determine how much ammo we had in a games campaign I feel like I can carry more ammo in Dead Space and that is a survival horror game I would hate to have the bulldog has my only shotgun if I was fighting the flood because of it’s massively low ammo capacity as far as I can tell

Im sure you mean pathetic, but if you did mean prophetic. Those darn prophets

I did mean to say pathetic