Custom game

Looking for more custom game players.

Add my gamertag - Dr Element

Currently produced three maps…

Tailpin Gully for Cat n Mouse, currently using elimination slayer but will come into it’s own with infection. Mongeese need to evade wraiths by speeding through caves and forest.

Numbsoul Peak, crash up derby, think the testing and tweaking is finished for this one now. As players die they spawn in the spectator box where they have access to switches which are used to aid teammates still in the arena. Each minute into the round, more switches are available to the spectators.

Duck Hunt. In the testing stages. Good snipers are doing too well so might be some tweaks there. Ducks can use switches to aid them in their climb to the top.

Team rules will be in the gametype description, shown on screen in the lobby. Once the teams settled, I’ll start the game.

Ill gradually keep making maps and bring them into rotation. New ones are obviously in for testing and may not work perfectly.

I spam invites to players playing Halo at the time. Cya then!

You can add me GT: PsychoBucket

You should also check out Forge.World. We are having an event called Tuesday Night Tests (TNT). You can leave your games for us to test and even join us in the testing. We also have a lobby browser. You can view what other people are doing in-game. You can sort the lobbies by custom games, arena, or warzone. The lobby system will even track the games you play and give you stats on each game. If you are interested, check it out. Either way I play customs a lot so I’m happy to join when I’m on and not forging.

Good tip off. I’ll get something submitted for next week!

I have some custom games myself (still working on new maps whenever I’ve got the time)
But I mainly seek people who like to play Custom games.