Custom Game UI and Options are disappointing

First, I’d like to thank 343 for keeping Custom Games in Halo Infinite. I know it’s early in the game’s planned ten-year support, but addressing issues early are key to making a long-lasting title, in my opinion.

  1. Collapsable sub-categories are needed with how much space each option takes. The sandbox category is tedious to go through, no matter which control scheme is used. Having the sub-categories collapsable, similar to the specific options being selected in the current UI, would make navigation friendlier to go through.
  2. The lack of custom input for number-based options. Having primary weapon ammo go through 58 options before getting to the highest possible option is way more tedious than it needs to be.
  3. The lack of a “Random” option for primary and secondary weapons, and “None” for primary weapons is disappointing for Machinima creators.
  4. The lack of Equipment and Grenade infinite usage/regeneration options. Some Custom modes from Reach will no longer be possible due to this change, and Forge budget will have to go to this instead of making better maps.
  5. Melee does not have options for Energy Sword countering. When countering an Energy Sword attack, the sword-wielder gets damaged, but the person with no sword dies. There needs be an option for how much damage Melee mitigates from the Energy Sword.
  6. Energy Sword clash damage numbers. There needs to be options for how much damage a sword clash does to shields and health, separately. With the re-introduction of movement Armor Abilities in the form of Equipment, sword duels can be much more interesting than in Halo 3.
  7. Player collision options for All, Enemy-only, or None. It’s needed for some classic Custom modes.
  8. Melee speed. As of right now, the Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer have the same speed and animation for both melee and lunge attacks.
  9. No option to start with specific or random equipment. Some Custom modes from Reach and 4 relied on players having different equipment from each other. The lack of equipment starts wastes Forge budget.
  10. No option for Pelican Drops on BTB modes. I’m aware the current Big Team Battle gameplay is more like Warzone than classic BTB, however, it’d be nice to have this for some game modes.
  11. No Loadouts for specific teams or players. Same as 9, some Custom modes from Reach and 4 relied on players being able to choose loadouts based on their team.
  12. An option to enable/disable different aspects of the match and round intros and outros need to be added. Match length is artificially longer due to these cinematics, making modes that do not need downtime, such as Halo on Halo and Jenga not as enjoyable.
  13. Weapon Bloom and First-Shot Accuracy needs to have options, even if most of the sandbox doesn’t use those mechanics. I just noticed that the sniper is not accurate at all for unzoomed shots, and that the Sidekick reticle increases as you quickly fire.

There may be some more stuff I am missing, but these are some of the bigger issues that need to be addressed in separate updates.

Yeah, also there’s one glaring issue. If you save a custom game type, quit Infinite, reload, then try to select said game type, your Infinite will crash out. I submitted this bug 2 days ago and haven’t heard a peep from 343.