Custom Game Type; Is it Possible?

Hey. While I sincerely doubt it, I figure it’s worth a shot at asking. Is this game type possible, in any variance?

The Map:

The map would have to be forged of course, and I have no problem doing that. I enjoy forging, even if I’m not incredible at it. It would be a multi-tiered map full of walkways, hallways, and enclosed areas. Think Lockout, but a bit bigger.

The Players:

The game type would be Assault, ideally, but it doesn’t have to be. One team would have 15 players, or however many friends you can gather. The other team would be one person.

The player on his own would have normal shields, normal movement, normal everything. He would spawn with just a pistol, but be able to choose from a couple other standard weapons. DMR, AR, maybe even Shotgun, in a small room they start in. After 15 seconds, (Or another short time frame) a bridge would spawn to lead to the rest of the map.

The other 15 players would also spawn under the same circumstances, but in a much larger room on the opposite end of the map. They would also get a bridge in the same amount of time. The difference is that these players do not get shields, meaning they would die in a single headshot and take fewer bullets to die. Each player, including the lone wolf, gets one life.

The Objective:

Scattered around the facility would be 5 bomb plant sites. The bomb would spawn right on top of the site, to simulate “carrying” them, but without the penalties. The bomb would arm in 5 seconds, and have a 20 second fuse. 5 second disarm time. The score to win would be 3, meaning not all 5 spots need to be bombed. The lone wolf has a set amount of time (Not determined yet) to get in and bomb all the objectives. The other players have to try and stop him.

I know that with team-specific settings this would be easy, but is this possible, even at a stretch, at all?