Custom Game Testers Needed

Hi, everyone.

I’ve developed a custom game I think could be a lot of fun for Halo Reach.
I need 7 other players to come test it out with me a give me some feedback on the map. We’ll play a few matches, two or three depending how it goes.
I’ll give you all the info on it so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to join my lobby or not here, instead of joining, finding out you don’t like it and then quitting. I’ll need players willing to stick it out.
So here’s the specs.

-Halo Reach
-On a map variant of The Cage I custom-Forged tonight called “Prisonbreak.”
-Gametype variant personally made for this map called “Breakout Reach V1”.
-The Map has a Rocket Launcher, a Focus Rifle, and a Shotgun on it (as far as power weapons)

-The idea behind the game is team slayer elimination, similar to Halo 5 Breakout but no flag. The score goes to 10 and there’s a 5 minute time limit. Each player gets 1 life to live, but the reason the score is 10 is because a each player has the ability to score 3 points on a kill instead of just 1, if the kill is a headshot. Meaning a team has the potential to actually score 12, if all 4 team members kill off the entire other team with headshots and overclock the kills-to-win. There are 3 rounds, for a total of a 15 minute (or less) match. The starting weapon is the Magnum, you have no secondary, but shortly after spawning you can find several weapons nearby and relatively quickly without the fear of being killed. The reason for the Magnum being the starting weapon is the map is pretty open and it would suck to be DMR cross-mapped at the very beginning of an elimination game.

-The map has a few significant changes from the original Cage. You spawn in outside of the map and have 10 seconds to hit the man-cannon and ride into the map, once there, Red team will find an assault rifle at the Landing Zone, the Focus Rifle and 2 Frags to the left, and to the right, a DMR and a plasma repeater in that area.
Blue team will find the assault rifle at the Landing zone, the plasma repeater slightly ahead of that, and the DMR can be found slightly ahead of the previous two. This encourages each team to clash in the Focus Rifle area (over where the old man cannon used to be-I bridged that gap) Initially. But players who avoid the initial conflict and go the other way can find the Rocket Launcher on the walkway, other side of the map.

That’s really about everything I can give you on it, I’ll have to playtest to know more myself. Let me know if you would like to join me, I’m active now!

PS: You don’t have to be a good player at all I don’t care, I just want player feedback, want to have some fun, and I’d like to see how my map/gametype plays when there are a regular Team Slayer number of bodies filling the space.

Late to the party. This still a standing offer?

If it is, and you still need some players, send me a message, and I might be able to round up some people.