► Custom Game Session going Live @ 7:30pm UK ◄

Greetings people, Zephiasco here. Hosting a Mixed Custom Game Session this Evening. Want to get Involved? Please read below for Full Details◄

  • Starting a custom lobby from 7:30pm (GMT). We will be playing a mix of Team Objective, Free-for-All, and of course Team Slayer◄- _To participate send a friend request to Zephiasco on XBL and join from the gamertag in the Halo MCC Menus_◄- Expect new lobbies to be set up regularly, this is due to connectivity issues and also provides everyone with a fair chance to get a space in the lobby◄- Please exorcise patience, be respectful of others, and above all else have fun!◄Note; I will try to respond to messages as often as possible however responses may be delayed◄

Can i please join your game Zephiasco? It would make me a happy bunni



ever want to run 4v4 let me know

Friend request sent, what games will this be spanning, H2A, H3 etc

Halo 2 Anniversary & Classic bud, had trouble with crashes on Halo 3.

Will you be playingking of the hill?

Note; just added several friend requests you should now see me in Halo Roster. Lobby will become open at approximately 7:30pm, first in get to play however new lobbies will be set up frequently to allow everyone a chance to get in.

Aye, I had a couple matches of Halo 3 last night and the lag was ridiculous, I know it wasn’t my connection as I have fibre optic

Yeah it’s pretty unplayable right now, hopefully it gets sorted soon.

Session Lobby Now Open!

I’m trying to join, but I’m stuck in a game session with somebody else and I can’t leave as the roster won’t open. -_-

its being buggy as hell

added you

Also, try out http://customs.halotracker.com - it’s a web app that will find you a custom games match in real time.