Custom Game Server Browser Testing?

If you guys need a beta tester for the Custom Game Server Browser I’m your man! I’m just waiting to get it so I can run my maps!
I only play and “HOST” custom game maps! I just want to help get the ball rolling so I can host games. I need that bad boy ASAP! Lol

Side Note:
I have been running game server’s since 1998. Starting with Tribes Franchise, Unreal Tournament Franchise, Orange Box Franchise, Battlefield Franchise and ran a Halo Combat Evolved Server for 7 years called “Rocket Whores World”. Ya I am a 70 year old gamer lol. So I have a pretty good Idea on how a Server Game Browser Works. Just wish you guys had some type of game server software for Halo 4 MCCPC with all the Admin commands in it.

Merry Christmas Everybody! :wink: