Custom Game Problem with Dedicated Server?

Today I have noticed this because it has never happened to be before for the custom game I am running to suddenly come to a complete halt of everything except for me. I can still move and shoot etc however I inflict no damage, and noone else is moving even all audio from the game vanishes aside from my own gun shooting. After about a minute I will get kicked from the Custom Game I am hosting with 1 to 2 red warnings. The first 5 times was simply “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server.” However this most recent one was “Unable to Join.” What is going on It has happened in every single one of my Custom Games today I am not joking, each one I host I wind up getting kicked out of it but yet the Game continues to go on without me. In the case of the unable to join one however was very odd because it was immediately followed by “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server.” But then finally after my game synced back up I am sitting in the Custom Game lobby with a small Fireteam of a couple people who had been in my game with me. However It clearly reads at the top of the screen “Attempting to Join a Match in Progress.” What in the world is happening? It is becoming extremely annoying that I cant play through my own Custom Games without being kicked out of them.