Custom Game Playlist

Who else thinks a Custom / Social Playlist would be an amazing add to halo 4?
It pairs you with people playing open custom games so they become easy to find.
>Hunger Games
>Binary Slayer
>Team Fiesta
>Cops n Robbers
>duck hunt

Of course 343 would have to add more gametype options to make some of these games possible.

I really think this would add a much funner aspect to halo 4.
Just make none of the kills / deaths count either so people just play to have fun
and not worry about K/D’s

I just wish they would talk about what this is…

Some gametypes wouldn’t work.
Such as Teacher.
Some people might just go and kill everyone immediately once they’re the teacher.
If there were a “Kick Vote”, in which 3/4 of the players had to vote to kick a certain player, it would be ok.
And maybe after being kicked so many times in one day, you would get banned from that playlist for maybe 1 hour?
It’d be cool.