custom game partys

hosting a halo 3 custom games everyday. I do alot of them but no one wants to join. I have many good games to play. hosting one right now my GT is Darknessfire582. the custom games will always be open so you can just join no asking for invites. it would be great if you have all map packs but you must have heroic map pack. sandbox is the map I use alot though. if I am not in a custom game and you want a custom game tell me and I will start one up

I’ve been looking for people who host halo 3 custom games for ages! I miss them so much, i just added you and if your ever in a custom game invite me

I added you. I love Customs aswell. Im happy there is still people that keep it alive. Everyone that plays Custom Games on Halo 3 can add me aswell. Dom Deluxe