Custom Game Options Needed

I know this has been said a million times but I will attempt to say it more politely than others have. Here are the most common custom game option requests I have seen.

-343 please add the option to disable sprint as a base player trait in all game types. (I don’t mean remove sprint from matchmaking just give us options in custom games)

-In Capture the Flag please give us these custom game options
-The ability allow players to drop the flag once picked up.
-The ability to change the weapon the flag carrier wields.
-The ability to have the flag carrier wield no weapon.
-The ability to change the flag carriers base traits.

These are the most common requests I have seen and having these custom games options
will really improve what the community can do with this game.

NOTE: Please don’t be rude to the developers of this game, any comments you make should be constructive not intended as insulting or angry.

Priority 1 for custom games should be the replacement of Flood with Halo 3/Reach style Infection. I miss Duck Hunt, Halo 4 (well, it would be Halo 5 now) and other games where the zombies need guns.