Custom Game Options, Gameplay, and QOL Changes *BIG Post*

There are many things gameplay wise that really hit home with this game. It truly feels like a modern Halo while still capturing the nostalgia I had playing Halo split-screen on the couch with friends. While there is a lot to say about customization and monetization, this post will focus on menu changes and ways to improve the gameplay.

Custom Games:
I am aware that Forge will not be available for a long time (and even longer now that Season 1 has been extended, which doesn’t make sense to me…) and changes to custom games will likely come later, but there are some things missing that previous games had and I hope to see them soon. Many of the best game modes were player created – such as Grifball, or infection – and current options do not allow for these to be created. While Grifball would require Forge to create goals and such, there are many changes that can still be made now.

Last week I tried to make a game with random weapons and equipment, and was disappointed to find I could not. Imagine my surprise when I see that this weeks event, Fiesta, did exactly that. Meaning that these options are still available as they were in previous games, just not for us to choose. You can’t even choose to start with equipment. While I love that these are equips, there are many previous game modes no longer available if you can’t start with them like you could armor abilities in Reach.

“Class” options enabled a lot of zany game modes in previous games, and with other strange options like zero gravity it feels odd that you can’t choose this. Imagine the fun games that could be done in zero gravity if you spawned with the new grapplehook! What is also worth noting is that vehicles aren’t affected by changes in gravity, or at least NO gravity, and should be fixed (It would also be fun if you could direct yourself using gun recoil, but that would be difficult to implement).

Cross-play toggle:
This has been brought up a lot on this forum, and for good reason. People on one platform do not like playing against the other. While it is great to include this option so friends playing on one can play with friends on the other, it should not be forced. Not everyone cares, so keep it as a default option to increase the player base for those that need it, and those that do care can disable it.

Players should be able to rejoin previous games. Particularly for ranked games and how often this game crashes currently. While backfill can make the match fair again, it should only be used when players actively quit the game, or after a delay so the original player can have a chance to rejoin. Quitting games does not seem to have immediate penalties (and it shouldn’t for casual game modes unless it is constant, and particularly not if the game is already bot filled) so this should allow people who actually quit to be replaced while crashes can rejoin.

Mission tracking:
It would be great if we could check missions while in the game. To avoid players being distracted and killed while looking at missions it could pop up during the agonizing 10 seconds it takes to respawn. Or it could also be part of the score board that is already accessible and would not be any more of a distraction. It would also be nice if the mission flashed at top of screen when you made progress or completed it.

Related to this, the battle-pass should have performance based progression. I include this here because right now it encourages players to disregard the objective and winning the game, and instead just go for whatever mission they have. If there was performance based exp. then players would be less inclined to tunnel vision on just the weekly missions. The every game gives exp. change does not provide this, and also gives less exp. than the previous daily missions which makes it a step in the wrong direction.

Game Modes and Playlists:
I realize this is “in Beta,” and that could be why game modes and choices are limited. Still, this feels worth mentioning to make sure it is included at launch. Forcing people who only care about certain modes to play in multiple modes encourages players to disregard objectives, or worse, abandon games. Please let players choose what game modes they want to be matched into.

Stockpile is mode I want to call out. While it is a new kind of game mode I have never seen before, it is disappointing to play. The objective encourages players to ignore the enemy and just try to bring the seeds home. But players seem to not know what to do, or just choose to often ignore the objective. This doesn’t make you lose though, because in my experience just having 3 people focus on the seeds is enough to win every time… which is kinda boring. I would prefer to see this mode replaced with classic modes that are currently missing, like FFA or King of the Hill.

Queues should also have an auto join, and a cancel that is a single button press by anyone in the fireteam. The auto-join function can be toggle-able, and a delay between matches to give a chance to cancel if you want to. Players should also be able to leave queue before it starts the countdown into the match, not just before a full lobby is found.


  • Make enemy bodies have collision. Allies having no collision makes enough sense to prevent path blocking that it can stay and I wouldn’t mind too much,
  • Menu navigation is terrible. Many things are tucked into obscure sub-menus, and to get to other tabs you need to hit back multiple times to the main menu before you can select it.
  • Not a fan of Bulldog, seems weak even point blank. Still seems to perform better than heatwave though (which I like the bouncing bullets of). Pulse carbine is useless.
  • I like the direction they took the Wasp, but now it feels too strong and the Banshee feels really weak.