anyone wants to play
send me a message should be fun !!!

reminiscing the old halo 3 map :slight_smile:

I fail to see how Halo 3 is something you have to reminisce about… It’s not all that old, heck, it’s not even a console generation old.

Just go play Halo 3. It still has Matchmaking, and still has a decent population.

Why not remake a map that would be useful to have around, like Foundation, Colossus, Rat Race, Wizard, or one of the other Halo CE/2 maps we can’t play online anymore.

still a good map so quit ya moaning
if you aint interested in playing dont reply

Did you really just tell the op what he can reminisce about and that him remaking guardian is useless? Lol, you must be a hit at parties.

iv said
if you aint interested in playing it with me and a few friends dont bother replying
no point in moaning on the forum about a post

Come on people join, its actually fun. Would love to have a team battle on this.