Custom Game Night! Tonight at 9PM US Eastern

What’s up everyone? I wont give you time to answer that because I’m getting strait to the point. Tonight at 9PM US Eastern Time I will be hosting a custom game party with tons of maps and game variants from the community. All tested and tweaked for hours to make sure nothing is broken, pacing is fast and classic Halo chaotic action is put front and center.
I used to do these game nights a while back in Halo 3 but the netcode for that game was not the greatest and it often lagged with the large parties on tiny Foundry maps. With Reach I’m hoping that issue is at least semi improved which is why after 3 years I’m giving this a shot again. I like to think of this as a test run.
Abridged Version

> Request Final Recourse to join. Or Send a Message to Project Ekim over live.
> Start Time: 9:00PM US Eastern
> Runtime: 2 Hours - Stay as long as you’d like
> Maps and Gametypes: We will be playing a grab bag of tested community maps ranging from Slayer and Objective to Invasion and Infection.

How to Join

> Party Leader: PROJECT EKIM
> Second in Command: ARC ANGEL XVI
> IF you are interested in having some fun in custom games tonight just friend request Final Recourse (We use friends of friends to invite) or if you don’t want to do that simply message Project Ekim starting at 8:30PM.
> The plan is to do this type of thing at the very least bi weekly so if you are interested in this make sure you request ‘Final Recourse’ so its easy to invite you each game night.

How it all Works

> - We have been doing this since Halo 2 so this wont be crappy game after broken gametype. We test each game to make sure all the mechanics work and we create custom gametypes for standard ones such as slayer or objective. This is done to increase pacing and competitiveness. However things start to go out the window when 16 people cram into a map but we try to adjust for size constraints while still providing a fast paced game. If there is an error with something let us know so we can correct it.
> - At 9PM eastern we will start sending out invites first to our personal friends then to the people who requested Final Recourse then to the messages sent to me. After the initial wave is in we play a warm up game to get a feel for everyones general skill (This helps with team balancing) We do consider if u are with a friend when making teams. At the end of that game I then leave the party OPEN so people can come and go as they please/
> - These game nights usually run about an hour to 2 hours unless we lose too many people before then but of course you can stay as long as you like. Which also means don’t worry if you don’t make it in on the first wave people usually drop out after a bit so keep using friends of friends to check if the party has a slot.
> - I will be making a youtube channel and I may showcase the events of each game night on it. It’s currently under construction, should be up soon.

General Rules

> 1) There will be no Host exchanges during the game, this often leads to the lobby bugging out or untested games being played making people quit. Host will remain in our control. If you want to play a certain gametype or map in the future message me over or live with the link and me and my team will test them to make sure everything meets our standards.
> 2) No screaming or generally being immature, we reserve the right to boot you at any time if you are becoming a disruption to the rest of the party. This includes delaying the countdown over and over or noticeably poor connection which brings the entire party down as well. In the future we will have systems in place to require speed tests but for now its honor based (yuck) If you have consistent download speeds below 3MB/Second please refrain from joining. You can test your download speeds here. Speed Test
> 3) Guests are allowed but only if they will actually be playing. Sending a message to me before hand that you will have a guest would be of large help so I know how many invites to send out.
> 4) Refrain from complaining if a gametype is played you don’t enjoy because others might. We try to mix a good variety in general game nights from more competitive slayer and objective to custom infection, invasion and mini game maps. If you really do not like a game you are welcome to leave at any time of course.

If you have any questions feel free to post a reply

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Ps. Didn’t see this until 1am but I would’ve joined up.