Custom Game Night May 21st @ 10pm EST

We are celebrating with you all by hosting a custom game night on May 21st @ 10pm EST to 12am EST for our 100th video being uploaded to YouTube. This is our way of saying Thank You and we hope that you all keep watching our content. Be sure to add Ua MrMe29 to your friends list and ask for a invitation for the custom games. If anyone from the forums would like to participate then you can also message Ua MrMe29 to join as well. You would be invited 10 minutes before starting. Here is the schedule of what will be played.

Custom Game Night Event
1. Death Valley (Infection) - Infection
12 minutes
2. Ro Sham Bo-Ro Sham Bo
20 minutes
3. Scooby Doo- Fiesta CTF
12 minutes
4. Reverence- Infection
12 minutes
5. Drag Race-Drag Race
8-12 minutes
6. Gondolian Wars- CastleHolds
10 minutes
7. Meta Raid-Husky Raid
8 minutes
10 minutes
9. 5 Levels of Terror-Fat Kid
40 minutes

For more information about this clan, go to

Would love to play, but I usually have bad connection with people on the other side of the country

Thats fine. You can always rejoin. I have no problem re-inviting players to have a fun time

I’ll be busy then but try this game I made out. I think you’ll like it, maybe make a video on it.

sounds good, I would like to be part of it

If I’m on I will play with you guys

Nice I will add you guys to my friendslist. Thank you all for participating