Custom Game Modes In Bookmarks Are Broken! Urgent!

I’ve had this issue ever since I started playing Halo 5. The issue happens in Custom Games. This issue prevents me from being able to load up a map with a custom game mode that has been bookmarked from another player, however I can use my own game modes perfectly fine, but when there’s a really good map out there that requires a game mode made by the same author, I just simply cannot use it.

The game refuses to let me start, showing the error message: A player in your fireteam does not have access to view this content because of online privacy & safety settings. You may be thinking: “Just change your privacy and safety settings!” Right? Well the things is my account is already set to the default adult settings, but I double checked them in a custom setting to make sure it was nothing small blocking my access to these game modes.

The worst part is, me being in lobbies actually prevents anyone else from using their game modes too! I feel like such a let down when I’m with my friends and big lobbies, since this issue makes playing custom game modes an impossibility and almost always ends up with me being told to leave or simply being booted all together.

I’m beginning to get worried since I’m sure Infection is on its way soon and there’ll be tons of fun game modes and maps to play, but if I can’t actually use these game modes, then I’ll be left out and my custom games forever broken!

Please help me, and others having this game crippling issue, 343!

There’s a bug. You have two options. Load the base game mode that they used to build it first (such as Slayer, or Strongholds), then load the custom game mode from your bookmarks. If you guess the right mode, then it will load up. Alternatively, you can load the file directly from the Author’s Files instead of your bookmarks. 343 hasn’t even acknowledged this issue, which is incredibly frustrating.

That’s just one of many unnecessary challenges that hosts need to overcome. See more here, and comment saying that #6 is driving you crazy!