Custom Game Mode CTF Addition For CUSTOM GAMES!

In Past Halo CTF Games you have been able to carry the flag in “ANY VEHICLE!”. There is no switch/Flag option in the CTF Custom Game Mode settings. Well if 343i still does not have a switch/Flag option in the CTF Custom Game Mode settings maybe I can do something to make it work in Forge in the scripting area.

But would be nice if the switch/Flag option was in the CTF custom games mode settings.

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What are you even talking about? You could only hold the flag in a vehicle if you were a passenger.

And what exactly is this “switch/Flag” option you’re talking about? You need to brush up on your English because your point doesn’t exist/doesn’t make sense to anyone who speaks it.

Really??? WELL NO S…T SHERLOCK! :rofl: You can carry the flag in a “GHOST, HOG DRIVERS SIDE, WASP, BANCHEE!, ATV, MANTIS, HORNET or FALCON!”

Like I said. In past Halo Games you were able to carry the FLAG IN ANY VEHICLE!!!
in CUSTOM GAMES!!! and that is a fact!

That’s what I am talking about!! Most of my custom games modes the user has the ability to do that. I set that up the the Custom CTF Game Mode Settings!

It’s obvious that you have no Idea what the hell you are talking about when it comes to Custom Game Mode settings by your post!

Side Note: In the programming world a ( Flag/and or Switch ) is called a setting/and or action. Just for your info.

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What proof do you have? There was never a setting in any Halo that ever let you hold a flag in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Provide video evidence.

You keep on making post after post on these forums over custom games as if literally anybody cares what you have to say. Custom games are broken right now. Nobody can save files, it doesn’t work, the settings are lacking, and you can’t.share game modes. Stop talking about this mode until it’s fixed. You’re never getting the attention you want because nobody else cares.

On a side note, why on -yoink-ing earth are you begging 343 for programming options in custom games? Stop asking for stuff that nobody knows/cares about.

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Which “Halo Games”?

In Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 4 and Reach. I don’t need to prove it. IE: Just go to Halo Reach and use a CTF mode goto Player Movement/Vehicle Use and you should see I think there are 3 or 4 settings in a drop down menu.

I forget the all 3 settings but under that setting you will see a setting for “EVERYONE!” when means a person with the flag can jump in any vehicle with the flag and take off with it.

I don’t need to prove it just check it out for yourself! I’m not going to reinstall MCC just to prove a point! That would be stupid! I do still have all of my modded game modes and Maps for Halo MCC.

Here is a pic to show you were you setup for “EVERYONE”. In this pic you will see there where it sez VEHICLE USE!" There is a drop down menu. You can select “Everyone” when means a person can carry the flag in any Vehicle!

End Of This Discussion on Carrying Flag in Any Vehicle!

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I’ll look into this, very interested in trying this out

Wow. See maybe you should start politely asking for information instead of flaming someone.


I actually did ask for information. I couldn’t find any information online so, considering he seemed to think it existed, I asked him to show evidence. Did you miss that?

Keyword politely. Remember you got banned for that exact thing not too long ago?

Stop being annoying. Guy was just asking for an amendment to the custom games settings.

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It’s actually a setting, surprisingly. It’s under movement settings when the game mode is set for CTF. I’ve never seen it in the two decades I’ve played halo, but apparently there’s an extremely small sunset of people that use it, or have used it.

It’s clearly not popular given 343 failed to implement the setting in their surprisingly broken version of custom games. Not surprised.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Don’t take this as me trying pretend I’m the perfect model student or something.

I’m just trying to help people but hey you do you.

It is what it is.

I intended to edit that part out when I realized you weren’t actually taking up the high horse.

Ya it’s great! Wish I still had MCC installed I would have made a short video.
I have used that setup ever since Halo CE. Wish Halo 3 CTF game mode could do it! Bummer :face_exhaling:

No problems with H2a, Reach or Halo 4 CTF game modes.

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