Custom game matchmaking please

Imagine you made an awesome forge multiplier map and cool game type that you want to show off to the halo community and play race, capture the flag, oddball, slayer, or what ever game type you designed specifically for the map you made. You save the map and upload it to your file share and select Community Forge Playlist.

Your map is then available to be voted for and played in a matchmaking playlist on Xbox live by any player in that matchmaking playlist, just like any other playlist like Big Team Battle or Capture The Flag.

I think it would be an awesome way to show new maps and game types from all over the Halo community.

Obviously there would be problems with it getting flooded with too many maps, but they could be sorted out in development. They could have a limit on 20 new maps a month and only a few out of the best community maps are chosen in the span of a month.

Problems aside, don’t you guys think this would be awesome? I would definitely fire up forge to get the thrill of people having fun on the forge map I worked hard on, The possibility’s are endless!


I made a thread about this a few weeks ago. I even had a plan on how it would work with a host game option (allowing you to use your map and gametype) and Join game option (join someone else’s) and everything but not a lot of people breathed life into that thread. But I’d think it would be an amazing idea and I’d love to have it. I just haven’t seen to many talk or support it. We may just be ahead of our time friend. They’ll want it one day. Hopefully 343 does do this though. I was about to make another thread about it but I saw this one!

It would be much better as a list you could scroll through and select which one you want to join, rather than be thrown into matchmaking with random maps, the majority of which probably don’t play well.

We need something like what’s seen in Halo PC.

Edit: I see you said the best maps should be chosen. Yeah, that’s actually a good idea.