Custom Game Map and type called Lousy job site

Hello I’m wanting to share a map and game type my friend made his very close to me and a great guy and loves making maps and is very good he makes and does much for us we want to return the favor and get him noticed and not like that just give him his wish and have all sort of people playing his map cause that’s all he want to fame nothing just for people to have fun playing these game of halo hope you try it and let us know on here what you think of it thanks so much for your time…Gamertag.Opgstingray17…I’m Opgderikthewolf please let us know helps do these for stingrays the maps and game really are very good for anyone who reads these and trys thank you so much

Look up on YouTube also tanya walker halo 5 it’s under lousy job site check it out be for you try.