Custom game issues

Does 343 plan on addressing the lag in custom games? The game has been out since 2015 and this is still an on going issue. Anytime someone leaves a custom game the entire lobby freezes and everyone is left on a frozen screen. This also happens whenever the game ends.

Also so there seems to be a problem with connecting to custom games from the custom browser after the game has been hosted for so long. Making your lobby dry out. So you’re forced to end the game and restart. Why is that? hopefully we will see fixes soon?

Probably will never get fixed. This has been a problem from the start.

Nope, I doubt it will be fixed. It’s been one of a number of frustrating problems with H5.

I have the same issue too. I have to quit out of the game and it’s annoying because most of the time I’m hosting the game with my friends.